About Gourmetfoodclubs.com Ham of the Month Club


Sweet and smoky hams aren’t just for winter holidays like Christmas–this delicious meat is ideal for any occasion or a special family meal. The rich, satisfying flavor of pork pairs well with an assortment of other foods. How can Dad resist noshing on a slice or a chunk of this popular, cured meat? Whether it’s Father’s Day or Easter, a Ham of the Month Club membership from Gourmetfoodclubs.com will be a gift that dads will appreciate all year long!

Having these specialty meats delivered right to the door saves time and what a convenience for the man who likes pork. There’s no need to visit the local butcher, making this gift super convenient for the busy family. Ham selections in this particular club include classic style, traditional smoked and spiced. This is a 3-month membership that includes 2 packages of tasty ham–that’s the perfect dish for a hearty, country morning meal or a gourmet dinner. Don’t guess which gift the men in your life will love. Give him what he really wants–his own Ham of the Month Club membership. These hams are great on the barbecue, so it’s ideal for the grill master or BBQ fanatic.

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