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BF Jerky Bundle 3

Sometimes stopping to get a healthy snack is harder than it looks. In a world where we are surrounded by fast food and unhealthy snacks staring you in the face at the checkout line, you might just grab whatever happens to be closest. Unless you happen to buy a lot of healthy snacks and have them in hand with you wherever you go, you might end up falling for those temptations.

With the Jerky of the Month Club offered through www.Gourmetfoodclubs.com, you can get that healthy snack mailed right to your door. These bags come in two ounce sizes making them the perfect snack for those that are on the go. And they make a great gift for that special someone as well. Jerky is always a great treat, but finding it in the store in a flavor you might like at a price that is good may not always be so easy.

There are several types of jerky in the jerky of the month club and they include beef, pork, salmon and bacon with different flavors as well. Pepper, BBQ, and Teriyaki are the most common. And you can choose which level you want so you can enjoy them for an entire year, six months or just three months if you prefer. The jerky is made from quality meat using a time-honored process. It’s the perfect gift for the health-conscious hiker, biker, camper or traveler.

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