About Gourmetfoodclubs.com Popcorn of the Month Club


A gift subscription to the Popcorn of the Month Club would be a perfect, unique gift for anyone of any age. Popcorn is great for anyone. It can be salty, sweet, caramel coated, buttery, or plain; there’s different types of popcorns to match any type of popcorn enthusiast. It’s definitely a fun, unique gift that can be given on Father’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, birthdays, or any day!

So what can your friend, relative, coworker or acquaintance do with a gift subscription to the Popcorn of the Month club? They can sneak a bag of popcorn into the movies, or enhance an at-home movie watching experience with their family or friends. They can take a bag with them anywhere they want to go to have a snack for all occasions.

Anyone would appreciate a Popcorn of the Month club subscription. Even a person who has everything will appreciate receiving a subscription as a gift. You can purchase a 3 month subscription for Popcorn of the Month Club subscription for $35.95 for one flavor, or 2 flavors for $45.95, and gift it to a friend of your choosing.

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