About Gourmetfoodclubs.com Trail Mix of the Month Club


When it comes to a great gift for this next gift giving season such as Christmas or a birthday, most are about something a person wants, or a something a person can enjoy once only. However all that will change with a Trail Mix of the Month Club from Gourmetfoodclubs.com. It happens to be a gift that is not only convenient, especially for those that are busy and are always on the go, or just a little adventurous.

This is not only a healthy gift, but one that keeps on going. Trail mix is something that is healthy for you, but also satisfies the craving to eat, while giving you a burst of energy as well. This subscription includes trail mix of different varieties allowing your friend or loved one an enjoyable treat that they can take on the go. It comes in re-sealable plastic bags so they can snack a little at a time or share along with you as you hike a trail together.

Getting a great gift from someone doesn’t mean that you are nuts, but it does mean that it comes packed with healthy nuts, as well as dried fruit, granola, oats, fiber and wholesome goodness.

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