Amazing Clubs Coffee of the Month Club Review

Fans of the almighty brew called coffee are known by many different names. Java junkies. Coffee lovers. Caffeine addicts. But there’s a wide range of coffee addiction, starting with the person who stops by the “big chain” café every day for their morning latte, and the person who wouldn’t touch the big chain coffee with a 10 foot pole. There are also many names for this latter category of “java junkie:” coffee aficionado, coffee snob, coffee enthusiast, and my personal favorite—the coffee connoisseur.

If there’s one thing most people can agree on, it’s that for most of us, coffee is a daily requirement that is essential for getting us through the day. Many of us would be downright intolerable without at least one (or multiple) cups of coffee in a day. Whatever your level of coffee addiction, any coffee consumer would love a subscription to the Coffee of the Month Club from Amazing Clubs.

The Coffee of the Month Club delivers two 12-oz bags of 100% Arabica bean coffee. The Arabica bean makes up approximately 70-80% of the world’s coffee production. The Arabica bean is popular not only because it grows well in various geographic locations, but also because it produces a mild, better-tasting coffee that appeals to a wide range of consumers. The Arabica bean is less bitter because it contains lower amounts of caffeine, and it’s the caffeine in the coffee bean that gives coffee its bitterness. Most gourmet coffees are made with Arabica beans.

My delivery from Amazing Clubs arrived beautifully packaged, making it an ideal gift. The coffee came with “The Daily Grind,” a one-page newsletter that gives detailed information about the type of coffee in the shipment, along with brewing tips and recipes. I tried the recipe for Turkish Coffee, made with the suggested Dark Roast Guatemala Antigua coffee, and it was delish! The Antigua coffee is described as being “mildly sweet with citrus tones and a smooth cocoa finish.” It strikes a perfect balance between flavor and acidity.

I also received a 12 oz. bag of Brazil Cerrado coffee. Cerrados are known for being a well-balanced, medium roast blend that is highly quaffable. The Cerrado is a mildly acidic coffee that is low in caffeine but high in anti-oxidants. It’s ideal for those with sensitive stomachs who still can’t live without their daily “Cup of Joe.” I would recommend ordering a gift subscription to the Amazing Clubs “Coffee of the Month” Club in the whole bean vs. the ground coffee version. A true coffee connoisseur will want to grind their coffee to the appropriate consistency for their particular coffee-making method.

Despite your level of coffee addiction or snobbery, any coffee drinker would be thrilled to receive a subscription to the Coffee of the Month Club from Amazing Clubs.




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