Another Beer of the Month Club Review: Amazing Clubs

Amazing Clubs Beer of the Month Club once again included 4 different types of beer from 2 different breweries.
Beer of the Month Clubs from Amazing Clubs

The first brewery, Pennsylvania Brewing Company in Pittsburgh, included 2 German-style beers: Penn Gold and Penn Weizen. Penn Gold is light-colored and Penn Weizen is a bit heavier with a tangy clove flavor, typical of a weizen style beer. I really enjoyed the Penn Weizen. I wasn’t as crazy about the Penn Gold.

The second brewery, Mercury Brewing Company in Ipswich, Massachusetts, offered a Stone Cat ESB (Extra Special Bitter) and Stone Cat Blonde Ale. I didnt’ care for the Stone Cat ESB at all. Offered a bottle to a friend, and he didn’t go back for a second. Asked another friend to try the third and final bottle, and he didn’t care for it either. Thought it was just me – perhaps not liking the bitterness – but 3 for 3 said “no go.” Oh well, we enjoyed the Blonde Ale.

The beer arrived in sturdy packaging and all bottles arrived perfectly in tact.
The Beer of the Month Club from Amazing Clubs

And from the 1-page flyer, we learned that Mercury Brewing Company produces 47 different beers as well as 19 soft drinks. And Penn Brewery is both a brewery and restaurant. They use only the 4 classic ingredients to ensure their beer complies with the German beer purity law: malted barley, hops, water, and yeast.
The Beer of the Month Club Newsletter from Amazing Clubs

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