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Bacon and Beer of the Month Club

Intuitively, some things just go together. You don’t have to think much about whether or not you should have a Chicago Dog or three at a Cubs game, or whether or not an expertly crafted, hand-rolled cigar should be fired up when you’ve got a nice piece of salmon on the smoker and Slow Hand playing in the background.

Bacon and beer is another one of those things that just seems to be a natural fit, and not just because they’re my two of my favorite things to consume. Quite a few others feel the same way. In fact the Beer and Bacon Classic is a festival held in 8 different cities around the country that pairs creative bacon inspired creations from local chefs like bacon brownies, sushi-wrapped bacon, spice-jerked bacon, of course several different chocolate coated bacon confections, and much more, with fine local craft brews. I’m trying to imagine just how my Saturday afternoon gets any better than that.

So you already know how to get hooked up with some fine swine, Bacon Freak’s Bacon of The Month Club has got you covered there with 1 or 2 packages delivered right to your door for 3, 6, or 12 months. But who’s going to deliver rare, limited-production craft artisanal beers, often created exclusively for you? The Rare Beer Club®, that’s who baby. That’s who.

We’ve been sending our members the world’s best beers like Jolly Pumpkin’s Biere de Goord, an oak-aged spiced saison and Elevation Brewing Company’s Prostator, an 8.5% Bamberg-style smoked dopplebock since 1994. We work with the world’s hottest craft breweries like Cigar City, Lost Abbey, De Molen, Rodenbach, Mikkeller, Fantôme, Anchorage Brewing, Valiant Brewing and The Bruery to bring you their latest creations, often months before they’re available only in local markets.

Our Personalized Shipment Program™ ensures that as a personal member of The Rare Beer Club® you’ll receive only the beers you want to get. You’re in complete control of what you receive every month and can rest easy knowing you’ll never get a beer you didn’t want to get. No other beer club offers that kind of flexibility.

I’ve been running this company for over 20 years now and am still as passionate about beer as they day we started. Give us a shot. You won’t be disappointed.

Kris Calef

About Kris Calef – Kris Calef founded® and The Microbrewed beer of the Month Club™ in 1994 on the same core principles that drive the business today: quality, variety, value and outstanding customer service. He also owns and leads the product selection process for The Rare Beer Club®.

Review: “Bacon is Meat Candy” Bacon of the Month Club from Bacon Freak

“Bacon is Meat Candy” Bacon of the Month Club from Bacofreak: Reviewbf-bacon-reviews4

When it comes to bacon, there’s only one rule:

No one should ever be stripped of their right to eat bacon strips.

Sadly, I’ve seen it happen. In these moments of crisis, it doesn’t matter why the grocery store “ran out” or “forgot to re-stock” their meat department. You’re not looking for an explanation. You are looking for bacon.

Hungry, desperate, and hankering for bacon, you crawl toward your laptop and open a browser window. With your pork-reserves running low, you’re growing weaker by the minute. Somehow, you manage to type “bacon” in the search bar and click to You frantically place an order for the first flavor you can find.  It’s a close call, but once the bacon arrives, you pull through.

bf-bacon-review1Bacon lovers, I issue this scenario as a warning.  It’s time to take preventative action.

The possibility of a bacon shortage happening to you is all too real. Thankfully, there’s an easy solution.  Simply sign up for one of Bacon Freak’s Bacon of the Month Clubs and you’ll have 2 pounds of bacon delivered to your door in new flavors each month. There’s no reason to suffer symptoms of a bacon-withdrawal ever again.

I sampled the “Bacon is Meat Candy” Bacon of the Month Club just this month and already feel fuller and more confident than ever. Bacon has finally given my the strength to say I’ve got brbf-bacon-review2eakfast, lunch, and dinner covered with bundles of bacon left to go. When you sign up, just pick 3, 6, or 12 months of bacon. My advice: reduce the risk of ever running low. Go with the full year.

In my sample shipment I found two highly recommended bacon classics: Boss Hog’s Hickory Smoked & Honey BBQ Bacon.

Don’t these bacon flavors just sound important? They should, because they taste even better. Flavor-wise, they’re the king and queen of our United States of Bacon. They’re the smokey captain and his sweet first-mate on the S.S.Baconfreak. They’re the gods of bacon-flavor looking down on us from Bacon Heaven.

Too far? The point is, this is really top-notch bacon. The Boss Hog’s Hickory Smoked variety slays that “wood-smoked” claim other store bought varieties make. I tasted the time it took this bacon to develop its savory, smokey taste. You can’t paint on that kind of flavor and you definitely can’t create it with chemicals.

On the other hand, the Honey BBQ Bacon sounds pretty straightforward if you were trying to make it on your own. One bottle of Honey BBQ sauce and you’re in the bacon-coatinbf-bacon-review3‘ business. Yet when I opened the Boss Hogs’ package, it revealed a bacon so obviously tended with bacon-handling expertise. There was not a single spec of bacon left exposed by this sweet and savory coating.

How was it after being cooked? Lets just say this bacon taught me something I’d always believed to be true about bacon. Pigs are meant to be coated in honey.

If this were a Bacon of the Day club, I think I could still keep up with the fast-pace bacon deliveries. Then again, I’d like to keep at least a couple arteries

Thankfully, the charming (and hilarious) fliers included in the Baconfreak gift box say bacon is actually a healthy protein…when you cook it the right way. The “Oven Cook Your Bacon” flier includes step by step cooking directions to show and tell you exactly how it’s done. But if you still choose to fry your bacon, the Bacon is Meat Candy Club comes with a graphic Baconfreak t-shirt to protect you from any splatter.

If you still don’t feel persuaded to order a Baconfreak Bacon Club, I’m not sure why you keep reading this review. Clearly, you hate bacon and there’s nothing I can say or do about it.

However if you love bacon (a.k.a. are human), you can find all the Bacon of the Month Clubs you’ll ever need at Baconfreak.

A Box Full of Bacon, Sausage, Ham and Other “Pig-Out” Goodies…

Do you have a meat-lover on your Christmas list this season? Check out this Bacon Gift Box direct from the original Bacon Freak…

Bacon Gift Basket from Coastal Vineyards /

This gift box is chock full of “pig-out” favorites and is sure to please any meat-lover. Check out what’s inside the box…
Bacon Gift Boxes from Coastal Vineyards /

*1 lb of bacon: The original favorite!
*Bacon Jerky (one of our favorites!): Great snack. But beware – you can’t eat just one!
Bacon & Bacon Jerky from Coastal Vineyards /

*12 oz of ham: HUGE, lean slices of gourmet country ham
*Bacon Cheese Stix: Made with 100% real cheddar cheese and sprinkled with Boss Hog’s Bacon Seasoning. You’ve never had these before!
Ham and Bacon Cheese Stix from Coastal Vineyards /

*1 lb of sausage patties (4 patties total): A unique blend of ham and smoked sausage
*1 lb of smoked mozzarella cheese: A hearty pound of smoky, cheesy flavor
*Bacon-Flavored Seasoning: Sprinkle this spice on your own dishes to enjoy the delicious taste of bacon or just about anything
Sausage Patties, Smoked Mozzarella Cheese, Bacon-Flavored Seasoning from Coastal Vineyards /

Price for this Bacon Gift Box: $64.95

If you are looking for a one-time gift that will make a lasting impression, check out the Bacon Gift Box from the

Also check out popular Bacon of the Month Clubs to try different varieties and unique flavors of bacon delivered to the door every month.

Bacon of the Month Club Review: Coastal Vineyards

“Bacon is Meat Candy” – that’s the motto at This post is for bacon-lover’s only (or anyone who is shopping for a bacon-lover)… vegetarians should move on!

How many different ways can you really make bacon? Well, at – a LOT! There’s Bourbon Street Cajun Style Hickory Smoked Country Bacon, Vanilla Bourbon Hickory Smoked Country Bacon, Smoked Jalapeno Bacon, Apple Cinnamon Bacon, Boss Hog Honey BBQ Bacon, Boss Hog Hickory Smoked Brown Sugar Cured Bacon, Baby Bubba’s Butcher Block Hickory Smoked Peppered Bacon, Rocco’s Private Reserve Country Pepper Bacon, Rocco’s Private Reserve Sun Dried Tomato Bacon… the list goes on. The folks at LOVE their bacon!

We were treated to a sample of Rocco’s Bacon of the Month Club – and it was definitely out of the ordinary!
Bacon of the Month Club from Coastal Vineyards /

The shipment looks like any other shipment…..
Bacon of the Month Club from Coastal Vineyards /

Inside the box, there are a couple “goodies” to accompany the bacon… a “Bacon is Meat Candy” t-shirt with a huge pig on the front and a bacon-scented air freshener. Yeah, these folks love bacon alright! And the bacon is wrapped in what else but bacon wrapping paper!
Bacon of the Month Club from Coastal Vineyards /

The bacon flavors this month included Boss Hogg Honey BBQ Rubbed Hickory Smoked Bacon and Smokey’s Savory Select Dry Cured Maplewood Smoked Bacon.
Bacon of the Month Club from Coastal Vineyards / Bacon of the Month Club from Coastal Vineyards /

We fried up some of the Honey BBQ bacon right away. Good stuff! Meaty, smokey, and full of flavor! This is not the bacon you’d buy from your grocer’s freezer.

If you know a bacon-lover, send them this Bacon of the Month Gift Club and they’ll love you forever!

For more information or to order, visit the Bacon Freak website.

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