Amazing Clubs Pasta and Sauce of the Month Club Review

Amazing Clubs Pasta and Sauce of the Month Club Review

Who doesn’t love a delicious plate of pasta paired with a glass of vino? Pasta is one of America’s best-loved meals. And a subscription to the Pasta and Sauce of the Month Club from Amazing Clubs is an ideal way to sample the very best pastas and sauces from Italy and the United States.

I love that the pastas and sauces that I received are vegetarian friendly so that those who want to serve a meat-free meal can do so. And those who love meat can easily add it. I also appreciate that my items were made with fresh, all-natural ingredients, ingredients that I could pronounce and recognize. Both the pastas and sauces were generous in size, too. My shipment included:

• Flying Noodle Sweet Roasted Red Pepper and Onion
• Local Folks Foods Tomato & Herb Marinara Pasta Sauce
• Flying Noodle Lemon Pepper Rotini
• Pastabilities Palm Tree Paradise Pasta
• Pasta & Sauce Newsletter

My package arrived from Amazing Clubs in perfect condition. The package included a newsletter with ideas for recipes and how to serve the pastas and sauces. However, the pastas and sauces themselves served as my inspiration.

I gave a squeee of delight when I first saw the Palm Tree Paradise Pasta. I never thought pasta could be so cute! This pasta was green and beige in color and in the shape of palm trees and sun symbols! I decided it was perfect for an upcoming summer potluck, and wouldn’t you know it, I was responsible for bringing a salad. I made a pasta salad, and it was delicious. Despite the delicate shape of the pasta, it held up very well in a pasta salad with bulky ingredients like olives, cherry tomatoes and roasted artichoke hearts. Needless to say, the pasta salad was the star of the potluck and many people asked where I had got the pasta. There’s just something inherently happy and joyful about eating mini-pasta palm trees.

I served the lemon pepper rotini with the Tomato and Herb Marinara. The scent of fresh Italian herbs hits you as soon as you open this jar of sauce made with all-natural ingredients like tomatoes and herbs. The pasta only took 3 minutes to cook, a sure sign that there are no preservatives and unwanted ingredients in this pasta. Just flour, lemon juice, pepper and water. The pasta had a delicate lemon flavor that perfectly complimented the rich tomato sauce. I shaved some slivers of fresh parmigiano reggiano on it and served it with a green salad and a glass of red wine. Simple and delicious!

The Sweet Roasted Red Pepper and Onion Sauce was my favorite sauce. I could taste the sun-ripened tomatoes and the mild sweetness of the roasted bell peppers and onions. Unlike grocery store sauces, these sauces are so delicious on their own that they don’t need a lot of other ingredients added to them. I enjoyed eating this sauce with some mushroom ravioli and more parmigiano. And more wine… I was sad when all of my items were gone!

With items of this caliber and quality, I would be quite happy to be a recipient of the Pasta and Sauce of the Month Club from Amazing Clubs.





Review: Monthly Smile Maker from Omaha Steaks

The “Monthly Smile Maker” from Omaha Steaks lives up to its namesake, because getting 2 Filet Mignons and 2 Boneless Strips delivered to my door definitely put a huge smile on my face.


A helpful assortment of materials accompanied my steaks. The “Great Gathering Guide and Cookbook” is a 50 page guide on how to cook Omaha Steaks products. It includes recipes, guidelines, basic cooking and grilling tips. There are extensive instructions on every product on how to prepare them, including cooking times, temperatures, even resting times. Also included was a full-color leaflet describing the clubs available at Omaha Steaks. Omaha Steaks have thought of every concern a customer might have. For example, they include a suggestion list of how to re-use and recycle their coolers.


Now, on to the steaks. The Monthly Smile Maker includes two 6 oz Filets and two 11 oz strips! The variety in this sampler makes it perfect for individuals, couples and families. I prefer Filet, and the men that I cooked this for usually prefer Strip steaks, so everyone was happy and “smiles” were plentiful.


After cooking these up on the barbeque, despite our “preferred” favorites, we all agreed that both types of steak were absolutely delicious, and choosing a favorite became impossible. Both steaks were tender, juicy, flavorful and melted in my mouth. These steaks were just as good as the steaks I’ve had at expensive steakhouse restaurants. They were also incredibly easy to prepare and only needed salt and pepper to make the flavor of the meat standout.


Each steak is individually vacuum-packed for those who will only need to cook one steak at a time. A couple can afford to have “Steak Night In” twice a month, and the significant savings compared with going out will definitely put smiles on faces. To make “Steak Night” even more complete, favorite steakhouse appetizers, side dishes and desserts are also available for For example, you can order some crab cakes, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and molten lava cake to accompany the “Monthly Smile Maker” club.


Omaha Steaks has been the leader in producing quality steaks since 1917. Their products have an Unconditional Guarantee. Their extensive selections are not limited to beef as they also have chicken, pork, and fish clubs. Their website has many helpful tips on how to cook their products, a Recipe Center, and a series of “How-To” videos.


With the Monthly Smile Maker, having a “fancy steakhouse dinner” on a regular basis isn’t just a dream, it’s a reality.


Omaha Steak Club




Review: Premium Cigar of the Month Club from Monthly Clubs

Premium Cigar of the Month Club from Monthly Clubs: Reviewcigar-review2

Gentlemen, when you’re ready. Get set…draw!

Woah there, lower the weapons please. And as you do, please accept my misleading invitation to try the smooth draw on this premium selection of stogies. This month I’m sampling Monthly Club’s Premium Cigar of the Month Club and I was simply hoping to share a few puffs with some cigar aficionados. And perhaps inhale some of your tobacco-expertise while at it…

As a cigar newbie, I fear my palate lacks the experience to give these cigars the fair rating they deserve. Brands, blends, binders, fillers, gauges, wrappers, caps, aromas; in this thick cloud of confusion and cigar smoke,  it’s easy to get lost.  Thankfully, Monthly Club‘s newsletter Society Brief has risen from the ashes to guide me through it.

After all, the tobacconists who pick and rate these cigars smoke a combined 12,000 cigars a year. That breaks down to about 3-4 cigars per person a day! If anyone is qualified to help me smoke and review these cigars, it’s got to be them.

With a monthly membership you get 5 aged to perfection cigars in various shapes and sizes a month. For me, that’s 5 cigars to try in the 5-day work week. And it’s Monday. So better start smoking.


January’s Selection of Premium, Hand-Rolled Cigars

  1. Diesel Grind Double Perfecto
  2. Sancho Panza Double Maduro Lancero
  3. Puros Indios Viejo Corona
  4. Baccarat “The Game” Rothschild,
  5. and the Black Crown Toro

Let’s see if these cigars live up to those great names.

The first draw of the week comes from a cigar designed special for this Cigar Club: the Diesel Grind Double Perfecto. My Spanish isn’t perfect, but my Spanglish is superb, so I can tell you this cigar doubles down on its promise of sheer ground perfection. Does it deliver?

You bet! Monthly Club’s panel of experts gave this cigar the highest rating this month, and if by some strange miracle they had asked for my opinion, I’d have agreed. Like the experts suggest, it had loads of flavor and an even burn. For me, the coffee flavor stood out most.

After a short smoke-break…or in this case, a short break from smoking, I resumed with the Sancho Panza Double Maduro Lancero. This rich cigar taught just how long it takes to smoke an entire one of these things. The Double Maduro lasted about 30 minutes. I was tempted to smoke this cigar down to the nub by something I read about its unique ability to change flavors. Indeed it did. The Maduro’s dark chocolate taste evolved into a mocha flavor about halfway through. Makes perfect sense that the newsletter recommends pairing it with a cup of coffee!

Numero tres in my week-long regimen: los Puros Indios Viejo Corona de Honduras! If the name “viejo” is any indication, these cigars son muy old (told you my Spanglish was good). According to the specs, the Corona is between 8-9 years old. In cigar years, that makes this little guy well into his golden years. If you think growing old means getting a little nutty–well, you’re right. But in terms of this elder cigar’s taste, that nuttiness isn’t a bad thing.

For a moment I thought I had heard of the Baccigar-review3carat “The Game” Rothschild. Turned out I was thinking of the rapper. No, not the wrapper, the rap-artist. You know, The Game? Just, never mind. It all worked out in the long run because this popular mild & sweet cigar is perfect for newbies. Kinda makes me wish I’d started with this one. Hindsight is such a frustrating feeling.

At last, Friday. The final cigar. I was slightly bummed to read the Black Crown Toro is named for “toro” the cigar shape, not toro, the Spanish word for bull. Still, Society Brief said this cigar is unique for a couple of reasons. Not many people have heard of it, it contains seven different long-fillers, and it has some pretty interesting notes, “toasted peanut” probably being the strangest. Made for a funky yet robust way to finish off the week.

I won’t pretend that by week’s end I’m not a little more raspy and a little less fresh-scented. That being said, this club was a good time. As for month 2, I’ll be handing over these hand mades to someone marginally more macho. Having given it the old college try,  I can confirm the Premium Cigar of the Month Club is the perfect gift for the true guy’s guy.

My ideal guy’s guy? Glad you asked! He’s the manly man with an iconic wit and true literary genius, Mark Twain. And apparently, he’d recommend you sign up for this Monthly Club membership too. He once wrote: “If there are no cigars in heaven, I shall not go.”

Not sure how that decision worked out for him, but you should sign up to send/receive these heavenly cigars soon. There’s really no need to wait till the afterlife to smoke them.

Review: Honey of the Month Club from Gourmet Food Clubs

Honey of the Month Club from Gourmet Food Clubs: Reviewgfc-honey-review3

What’s sticky, sweet, and was once used to embalm Alexander the Great?

Honey! While I can’t prove that honey was used as preservative back then, I did read it in an article. Turns out there’s a whole world of interesting and strange honey facts out there just waiting to be discovered (as in, on the Internet). For instance, did you know two tablespoons of honey is enough fuel for a bee to fly around the whole world? It’s true! …According to this website I found that has little to no credibility whatsoever.

That’s the thing about searching for information online. How sure can you know if a source is reliable? Or a product, for that matter. It’s hard to know what you’ll get when you buy online, even when shopping for something as sweet and pure as honey.

Allow me to be of some help. I sampled Gourmet Food Club’s Honey of the Month Club this month so you can be certain this gift 100% quality, organic, and gourmet-flavored honey. Just as promised by the Gourmet Food Clubs’ website.

I chose to receive the 2 flavor per month shipment of this 3-month long Honey Club and tasted these honeys in every way imaginable. On toast, in tea, with fruit, in a PB&Honey sandwich, and straight from the jar.  I wanted to insure I could fully stand behind my endorsement of this club.  So straight from me to you, I think it’s a majorly sweet deal. And here’s why:

February’s Honey of the Month Club Selectiongfc-honey-review2

Raw & Real Honey Varietal Honey (10.5oz each): Orange Blossom and Blueberry

Honey is a simple formula. One ingredient, made by nature and eaten by man. There’s  no reason to improve a substance this good in it’s raw, original form. That’s why it’s refreshing to find out this small-batch Raw Real honey brand is committed to preserving the beauty of honey’s delicate, subtle taste. The elegant glass jars and packaging is a lovgfc-honey-review1ely added touch.

It’s clear the Orange Blossom honey didn’t cave to peer pressure when mass-market honeys were passing around phony fruit flavoring and food dye. This honey was focused on his studies. And it paid off with one project in particular: mingling two natural flavors in one jar to craft a harmonious flavor friendship. The orange-infused flavor simply adds a citrus, tangy touch to the original organic basic. It quickly became my favorite part of breakfast.

The Blueberry honey was similarly lacking in artificial blue-coloring and the usual cough-syrup taste. If that’s what you’re looking for, I promise you won’t find it in this Honey Club. However, if you enjoy the just-noticeable taste of blueberry-infused honey, perfect for drizzling over granola, you’re in luck. This club has just that.

Sign up for the Honey of the Month Club at Gourmet Food Clubs. You can trust me when I tell you this honey doesn’t lie. This Raw and Real honey is the very real and rare opportunity to send a gift club that’s better than it claims to be.

Review: Tea of the Month Club from Gourmet Food Clubs

Gourmet Food Club’s Tea of the Month Club: Review

Ladies and gentleman, it’s time to kick the coffee habit.gfc-tea-review-1

Here’s the plan: swap one hot beverage for another, cross my fingers, and hope it works. Can tea live up to coffee’s caffeine-addled greatness? To find out, I’ll try gourmet loose leaf teas from Gourmet Food Club’s Tea of the Month Club.

Why? Because if I want to fill the coffee-mug sized hole in my heart, I can’t count on store-bought tea bags to do it. Have you tried them? It’s like sucking on a bar of soap. Or drinking dirty dish water (please don’t ask me how I know this). If  I am forced to add 6 packages of Splenda and a half-jar of honey to drink them, these soggy tea bags won’t drastically improve my health.

To survive the transition to healthier drinking habits, I’m going to need the good stuff. Gourmet loose leaf teas in smooth herbal blends with pretentious multi-syllabic names like Chinese cherry blossom and herbal citrus lavender. And while this Tea Club’s 3-Month membership has all that and more, I remain painfully disinclined to start steeping.

Perhaps you think I’m not giving tea a fighting chance, but is it my fault coffee turned me so bleak and bitter? Tea’s serene, warm embrace is no match for a club reviewer whose soul has been brewed to a deep shade of black by a decade-long coffee binge. That being said, let’s see what good Gourmet Food Club‘s 2-flavor tea shipment can do for me:

February’s Tea of the Month Club Selection:

English Breakfast Tea and South African Rooibos Blood Orange Tea

If that first tea wakes up all of London, one tiny American should be an easy steep. I did my research and it should be rich, dark, and malty enough to trick me into liking it. Logical, since an English Breakfast Tea normally has to wash down a hearty British breakfast.gfc-tea-review2

I decided to give my tea the proper English treatment: a splash of milk and sugar, some counter-clockwise stirs, and my pinky up. I took a sip. Then a second sip. Then sip after sip till my mug had run empty. This may in fact be the only cup of tea I’ve ever finished. Historic!

To my delight, this black tea really is full-bodied and strong enough to stand in coffee’s shadow. I can understand why it’s considered a standard amongst tea drinkers.

But the second tea has me scratching my head. Whose Rooibos? What is a blood-orange doing in my tea? Why do I suspect blood oranges think they are superior to normal oranges?

Since tasting it, I’ve sorted out a few of these questions. (1.) Rooibos is a shrub used as the base of this tea and (2.) blood oranges actually are superior to other oranges. They’re less acidic and slightly more sweet, which (3.) is exactly what it’s doing in my tea. It gave the blend a mild citrus flavor that for lack of a better comparison, tastes like a cream-sicle.

This South African Rooibos Tea was much more floral and aromatic than I had prepared for. My experience drinking it was like having a flower bloom directly in my mouth. Though, I don’t mean that in a bad way. While this type of tea isn’t my thing, I appreciate how fresh and flavorful it was. As far as red teas go, this one’s a winner.

Could my caffeine needs me met by these two teas combined? (Combined as in overall, not two brews/one kettle. I definitely don’t condone that)

Sort of. At the end of the day, the Tea Club led to some excellent progress. I can now enjoy drinking tea half as much as I enjoy drinking coffee. And trust me, that’s saying a lot.

Sign up to start your own tea regimen with Gourmet Food Club’s Tea of the Month Club today. If unlike me you’re a true tea expert, I challenge you to write this Tea Club the rave review it rightfully deserves.



Review: Pancake of the Month Club from Gourmet Food Clubs

Pancake of the Month Club from Gourmet Food Clubs: Reviewgfc-pancake-review2

I’m sure you’ve already heard: breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Load up on nutrients in the morning and your day is bound to be brighter. But I suppose you can have a light breakfast if you want. Light and fluffy, that is.

Gourmet Food Club’s Pancake of the Month Club surprised me this month with a sample shipment of not one but two gourmet pancake mixes: Bacon Freak Maple Bacon Pancake Mix and Baby Bubba Gourmet Cinnamon and Raisin Pancake Mix. Because I love few things more than golden, fluffy flap jacks, I just went ahead and decided to make both mixes at the same time. This taught me 2 very important lessons.

  1. Pacing yourself is overrated.
  2. The only thing better than a short stack? A tall stack.

Before I break breakfast down into 2 flavors, let me say something in defense of the pancake breakfast. Is any other breakfast food this fun to eat? Eggs are great, but they’re a grown-up food. The word “omelet” alone sucks the fun right out of my morning. Relax egg-lovers, I don’t mean to ruffle your feathers. We pancake people won’t mind sitting at the kid’s table so you can read the newspaper in peace.

In this morning fun category, waffles pose the only real threat to my precious pancakes. But as I found out, the Pancake Club‘s mixes also work great in a waffle iron! And I didn’t stop there. I experimented and tried the mixsed with syrup, butter, hot fudge, a whipped cream smiley face, and in silver-dollars, Belgian waffles, pancake puffs, and chicken ‘n waffles.

February’s Pancake Mixes of the Month


Bacon Freak Maple Bacon Pancake Mix:

I already know what you’re thinking. Whose idea was it to put bacon in the batter? And why didn’t you think of it first?

This genius concoction has the potential to skew a little salty and a tad far-fetched for pancake lovers. It’s a tricky business messing with the classic buttermilk recipe. To make things more difficult, they plan to incorporate the world’s favorite savory breakfast item? Let’s just say these pancake stakes are unbelievably high.

Thankfully, this mix nails the crucial salty/sweet ratio. With the brown-sugary maple flavor mixed into the batter, the savory bacon flavor balances out. Though make no mistake, these pancake still merit the butter-syrup treatment. For that matter, they might even go well with some strips of bacon. Baconfreak would be a good place to start looking for that.

Baby Bubba Gourmet Cinnamon and Raisin:gfc-pancake-review1

When I spot cinnamon raisin pancakes on a breakfast menu, I immediately think of a country breakfast. I envision the red and white checkered tablecloth, the jar of homemade apple butter, and maybe a cuckoo clock mounted on some French doors.

Paints a beautiful picture, but I never buy them. There’s always a flashier pancake flavor standing in my way, like strawberry, chocolate, and apparently now bacon. That’s a raisin’s luck in life. We know them, we love them, and we take the dried up little cuties for granted. Who in their right mind eats an oatmeal raisin cookie if a chocolate chip cookie is present? Yet it feels good knowing you have options.

Anyway, Pancake Club finally strong-armed me into eating some raisins. And I am very thankful it did.

This is really just a long way of issuing raisins an apology. If it wasn’t for the Pancake Club, they would have remained in that hypothetical Bed and Breakfast forever as if starring in a low-budget, breakfast-themed sequel to The Shining. Which would be bigger mistake because the cinnamon raisin mix is superb. Even better as waffles! I’m sorry raisins, but better late than never.

With a 3-Month Membership supply of batter, I’ve designed a plan to fully maximize my fluffy-food consumption for the next few months. I’ll have pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, then for dessert: waffles a la mode. Develop your own strategy, or send Gourmet Food Club’s Pancake of the Month Club to someone whose inner child is growing hungry.

Review: Puzzle of the Month Club from Month Club Store

Month Club Store’s Puzzle of the Month Club: Reviewpuzzle-month club store 2

Let me tell you a little known fact about puzzle-lovers.

They don’t all live alone in a house full of cats. Yes, this hobby can accurately be described as “safe,” “methodical,” and at times, “solitary.” Does this mean puzzles belong solely on the wobble-legged card table in Grandma’s game room? No! Though she’s welcome to keep working on that one.

Why must puzzlers suffer these slanderous lies?

Jealousy. Finishing a puzzle requires an amount of skill, time and concentration that most people lack. The more elaborate the puzzle, the more jigsaw-expertise you need. If you’re no good at puzzles, you just need more practice. So don’t tear down hard-working puzzle-lovers because you feel inadequate.

Moving on. Both puzzle-doers and gift shoppers know; trying to find a good-quality, adult-level jigsaw puzzle in the super-store is pointless. All you’ll find there is some lone overpriced puzzle collecting dust on the back shelf. It’s a very puzzling problem.

Don’t give up! Month Club Store‘s top-selling Puzzle of the Month Club will ship a quality 500-1000 piece jigsaw puzzle right to your front door. And then a different one next month. And then another and another until you decide you’ve had enough. Or at least until your hand cramps from handling puzzle pieces.

Sign up for the Puzzle of the Month Club and eliminate the effort normally required to find a jigsaw puzzle you like, that’s challenging enough, and that you’ve never done before. With different puzzles every month guaranteed, that long hunt for the perfect puzzle stops here.

Review: Bloody Mary Mix of the Month Mix from Month Club Store

Month Club Store’s Bloody Mary of the Month Club: Reviewbloody mary Month CLub Store

The Bloody Mary. There’s a few things about the classic tomato cocktail we often take for granted:

1. It’s bartending for dummies! Until you run out of Bloody Mary mix. The original recipe is actually pretty complicated. Into the tomato juice goes vodka, horseradish, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, a handful of other unusual ingredients, all mixed together with a celery stick stirrer. Why not use a spoon? No clue.

2. It’s named after Mary I, Queen of England. Or as she was known for obliterating England’s Protestant population, “Bloody Mary.” Even though the color (and the vodka) are befitting, the Bloody Mary cocktail may not be named for a queen. Some claim it was actually named after a cocktail waitress.

3. This rich cocktail can help your hangover. So that’s why people drink Bloody Marys at brunch. But is this red-hot hangover cure really effective?

Jury’s still out on this one. Chances are, probably not. Yet a lot of college kids would swear the best home-remedy for a hangover is indeed, more alcohol. Controversial? Yes.  But if you look into the science of it, there’s some wisdom in gradually weening yourself of the “juice” rather than stopping cold.

Month Club Store’s Bloody Mary Mix Club is sounding pretty good already, isn’t it?

Even without the hangover (which for your sake, I hope is not what brought you here), Bloody Marys are tasty, fun, and easy when you invest in good Bloody Mary mix. And don’t let the limited grocery store selection fool you. There are tons of Bloody Mary mixes out there to try. To find them, simply open the front door, bend down, and pick up the Month Club Store box.

You may not think you can put away a quart-sized bottle of Bloody Mary mix every month. But who are you kidding? And if you think you’ll get bored of drinking the same thing again and again,  mix it up! Literally, the different mixes provide different flavors, ingredients, and levels of heat and sweetness. That’s enough variety for a 3-month to full-year long membership. Plus, there’s tons of bloody mixed drink suggestions out bloody-mary month club store 2there. Like the Bloody Geisha (made with Sake!)

Of course, it’s perfectly acceptable not to spike your Bloody Mary if you prefer virgin cocktails. But I’ll leave that decision up to you. Aside from telling you sign up for the Bloody Mary of the Month Club one last time, there’s only one thing left to say:


Belgian Gudrun Chocolate Review: Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club from Monthly Clubs

MC-chocolate-review3Monthly Club’s Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club: Review

We all know certain holidays have a special knack for sneaking up on us (I’m looking at you, Valentine’s Day and Anniversaries). Thankfully, last-minute shoppers only need one item on their shopping list.


A time-honored  tradition. A classic. A safe bet. Used properly, this sweet can get you out of any sticky situation.

…Or so you thought! Gift-buyers beware; all that wax-based, sugar-loaded chocolate has gone straight to your head. In case you haven’t noticed, the store-bought chocolate is just not cutting it.

Thankfully, that’s where Monthly Club‘s  The Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club comes in. Decadent hand-crafted chocolates sent from world renowned chocolatiers to your front door. One bite of a real  Belgian chocolate truffle and your forgot-the-anniversary woes will quickly melt away.

Now just imagine what a whole batch can do. And did I mention they offer unlimited memberships? There’s no reason to ever stop her (or him) from indulging.

January’s Gourmet Chocolate of the Month:

Belgian Gudrun ChocolatesMC-chocolate-review1

Now that you’re done playing it safe with the chocolate, I’ve got news for you. So are the Belgians.

The chocolate masters have embraced innovation, and this month, I sampled some exotic  confections that were both fruity and nutty.

First off, this shipment is a boat-load of chocolate. The gold and silver wrapped gift boxes had a total of 48 pieces for me to try: 1 box of truffles and another of assorted. Don’t judge me! I didn’t eat them all myself. But if I were going to eat them all (hypothetically MC-chocolate-review2speaking) the pictures and matching descriptions on the box would really come in handy.

When I tasted the assorted chocolates, I was struck by the flavor combos. They far exceed what you get in a box of assorted chocolates from the mall. Just to name a few: smooth hazelnut praline  with Himalayan salt and white chocolate, four spice dark chocolate, and crunchy gianduja with coffee infused fresh butter cream in white chocolate. Nothing simple about that.

The Gourmet Chocolate Club’s monthly newsletter, In Pursuit of Chocolate, says contrast is key to these gourmet goodies. It also points out some key ingredients, like the West-African island  Sao Tome Cocoa. That cocoa packs some seriously rich and long-lasting flavor into the truffles. Yes, they look like little dirt-mounds. But didn’t your mother tell you not to judge desserts based on outward appearance?MC-chocolate-review4

The fillings. These surprised me most. As a fruit-lover, I found the passion fruit and tart raspberry flavors  unexpected, sharp and perfectly fresh.  Artificial flavorings pale in comparison.

Salty. Sweet. Rich. Tart. Classic, yet undeniably fresh. YMC-chocolate-review5ou won’t struggle to eat the Gudrun chocolates within the 3 week shelf life. However, assuming you were in a coma, you could always just store them in the fridge. Or send them to me! Just please, for the love of chocolate, don’t let them go to waste.

A Final Note: Monthly Clubs isn’t kidding about the A+ customer service. This lovely Belgian bundle came on time, in perfect condition, and in 100% recyclable packaging. Couldn’t have asked for more.

Sign up to give someone you love the Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club. And that includes yourself.

Chocolate of the Month Club Review

A great gift idea for Mother’s Day… a delectable Chocolate of the Month Club from Gourmet Monthly Clubs.

Every month, you receive a new selection of chocolate delivered to your door. The gourmet variety will satisfy the sweet tooth of any chocolate-lover!

This month featured an assortment of five different truffles from Green Mountain Chocolates, each with rich, double-filled centers. Simply delicious!

You also receive a newsletter each month which gives more detailed information about your monthly chocolate gift selection.

If you are looking for a unique Mother’s Day gift this year (or any occasion, for that matter) that keeps on giving month after month, check out the Chocolate of the Month Club. It is sure to please!

Visit the Gourmet Monthly Clubs website for more information.

Read another Chocolate of the Month Club Review with more photos.



Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

This Mother’s Day, give her a gift that will last all year long. Gift of the Month Clubs are a great way to let Mom know you are thinking about her… every month of the year.

Top 10 Gift Clubs for Mom:

1. Wine of the Month Club
If she loves wine, a Wine of the Month Club from Cellars Wine will make a lasting impression. Several clubs to choose from, including International Wine, Champagne, or a variety of different wines.

2. Chocolate of the Month Club
The Chocolate of the Month Club from Gourmet Monthly Clubs will satisfy the sweetest of all sweet tooths! Different types of rich, delicious chocolate will be shipped right to her door every month. Read our Chocolate of the Month Club review to see photos of what we received for this club.

3. Fruit of the Month Club
If you are looking to keep it healthy this year, then a Fruit of the Month Club from The Fruit Company will do the trick. Choose from the standard variety, exotic fruits, or organic fruit clubs.

4. Flower of the Month Club
Stick with tradition and send her flowers. But show her you really care by sending flowers every month. Check out Clubs of America for a great variety of fresh flowers shipped monthly.

5. Dinner of the Month Club
Give mom a break from the kitchen and treat her with a gourmet, ready to eat, dinner of the month club. We just love Gourmet Station’s club because of the flexibility. She can choose exactly what she wants to get — when she wants it. Check out our Dinner of the Month Club Review to see what we got when we tried this club.

6. Soup of the Month Club
The Soup of the Month Club from Gourmet Station may be one of our all-time favorites. Believe us when we tell you that this soup is GOOD! Complemented with a breadstick and cookie fresh from the oven, it makes a satisfying meal. Check out our Soup of the Month Club Review to see what soups we tried.

7. Spa Body Care Monthly Club
Pamper mom on Mother’s Day with a Spa Body Care Club from Month Club Store. She will love trying out new products in the comfort of her own home.

8. Brownie of the Month Club
Get creative with you chocolate-loving mom this year. The Brownie of the Month Club from Gourmet Food Clubs is sure to satisfy her sweet tooth for months to come.

9. Dessert of the Month Club
And if it’s cookies that she likes, your mother will love getting a batch or two from David’s Cookies every month. Macadamia Chocolate Chunk Cookie, White Chocolate Cherry, Butterscoth / Coconut / pecan, Assorted Mini Cookies… the delicious list goes on and on.

10. Candle of the Month Club
This club from Clubs Galore allows her to experience soft scents of fruit and flowers, sentimental aromas of herbs & spices and the clean fresh fragrances of nature.

Review: Gourmet of the Month Club

The Gourmet of the Month Club from Clubs Galore includes a variety of unique, gourmet items delivered each month. This month, we received gourmet breakfast items. I love the gift packaging… it looks so festive and pretty!

Our Gourmet Gift of the Month package included these four items from the Stonewall Kitchen, along with a nice little note:

  • Blueberry Muffin Mix
  • Crepe Mix
  • Cinnamon Apple Syrup
  • Sour Cherry Jam

We haven’t tasted these items yet, but are planning a fun breakfast to try them out! Stay tuned and we’ll let you know what we think….

To learn more about this Gourmet Club, visit the Clubs Galore website.

Chocolate of the Month Club Review: Gourmet Monthly Clubs

This month’s Chocolate of the Month Club from Gourmet Monthly Clubs included an assortment of six biscotti with different flavors of dark and milk chocolate, as well as two boutique-type chocolate candy bars.
Review: Chocolate of the Month Club from Gourmet Monthly Clubs

Chocolate of the Month Club
Now this “Biscotti” was not at all like what I think of when I envision Biscotti – it was 98% chocolate, with just a bit of crunch to it. The crunch was similar to the krispies in Krackel bars. Very light and airy.
Gourmet Monthly Clubs - Chocolate of the Month Club

The varieites of milk chocolate and dark chocolate was nice. Each had a subtle flavor to it, such as mint, raspberry, and apricot, and the chocolate is rich. The candy bars were exceptional – rich, smooth chocolate. Just what you would expect!

And of course, the newsletter accompanying the package was fun and informative as usual.
Chocolate of the Month Club Newsletter

All in all, this would be a real treat to receive every month. A Chocolate Lover would absolutely LOVE it! It’s nice to try varieties of chocolate that you normally would not have access to or think to purchase for your self.

For more information or to sign-p for this Chocolate of the Month Club, visit the Gourmet Monthly Clubs website.

Cigar of the Month Club Review: Gourmet Monthly Clubs

Just a quick post today… photos of the cigars received from Gourmet Monthly Clubs’ Cigar of the Month Club. 5 cigars in various sizes and varieties. Comes packaged with a small humidification device to keep the cigars fresh. So we won’t open the package until they are ready to be smoked!
The Cigar of the Month Club from Gourmet Monthly Clubs

Visit the Gourmet Monthly Clubs website

Packaged in sturdy cardboard cylinder packaging. Delivered via US Postal First Class Mail
The Cigar of the Month Club from Gourmet Monthly Clubs

Informative newsletter….
The Cigar of the Month Club from Gourmet Monthly Clubs The Cigar of the Month Club from Gourmet Monthly Clubs

The Cigar of the Month Club from Gourmet Monthly Clubs

Flower of the Month Club Review: Fresh Cut Flowers from Gourmet Monthly Clubs

Fresh-cut flowers always brighten my day. And these Flowers from the Gourmet Monthly Clubs “Flower of the Month Club” did just that…
The Fresh Cut Flower Club from Gourmet Monthly Clubs
A stunning arrangement of hot pink and pale pink orchids

According to the notes that accompanied these flowers, orchids are a key ingredient in love potions and the Greeks used orchids as an aphrodisiac! In any case, they sure are beautiful.

The flowers were delivered via Fed Ex Priority Overnight. They were packaged nicely in a green flower box.
Flower packaging
A look at the contents inside

This delivery contained 5 stems of small hot pink orchids, 1 stem of large pale pink orchids, a generous amount of green leaves for arranging, and 2 packs of food. You can see that each flower has its own watering tube to keep it fresh and moist.
Fresh cut flowers

If you send this to someone as a gift, make sure that they have a flower vase on hand (most women do) because these flowers are not shipped with a container. I was a little disappointed to find that several new buds had fallen off the stems. But it didn’t seem to affect the end result.

I had fun arranging the flowers. I prefer using only a few green leaves to keep the focus on the flowers. So I ended up throwing out some of the extra greenery. Even though I’m not the best flower arranger, the end result is stunning! Don’t you agree???
Fresh cut flowers

The accompanying newsletter that Gourmet Monthly Clubs provides with all of its Gift of the Month Clubs was high quality and professional as always. They also included a supplement on “How to revive and lengthen the life of your bouquet” that was helpful.
Fresh cut flowers Fresh cut flowers
Fresh cut flowers

If you want to learn more about this Flower of the Month Club, place an order online, or check out some of their other great monthly gift clubs, visit the Gourmet Monthly Clubs website.