California Wine of the Month Clubs

California Wine ClubEach month, the proprietors of California Wine Club travel California’s wine country searching out the wineries, meeting the families and tasting the wines that never make it to local stores or wine shops.

They offer 3 different wine clubs. Two of the clubs offer only California wine selections. The third club offers a selection of international wines.

The Premier Club includes two bottles of award-winning wine and a detailed 12-page, full color publication, Uncorked. Uncorked offers an up-close and personal look at the family behind the wines plus tasting notes, recipes, wine luminary interviews, games and so much more. The Premier Wine Club is a great way to learn about wine and the California wine scene, perfect for the wine novice or aficionado.

The Signature Series, is an upper-level wine of the month club. When the California Wine Club scouts are out visiting wineries, occasionally they happen upon some extraordinary, highly rated and extremely rare wines. Because of the limited quantity of wines available, membership in this club is limited. The Signature Series Wine Club includes two to four bottles of exquisite, hand-selected wine and detailed tasting notes with winemaker comments.

The International Selections wine club focuses on “mom & pop” wineries from countries like France, Spain, Italy and South Africa (to name a few!). Wonderful tasting, limited production wines, imported directly by The California Wine Club and not available anywhere else in the U.S. Includes two bottles of outstanding wine hand-selected from the world’s finest boutique.

For more information on these Wine of the Month Clubs, please visit the California Wine Club website.

Company: California Wine Clubs
Starting Price: $39.95
Subscription Duration: 1-12 months
Monthly Delivery: 2 bottles

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