Chardonnay Wine Club

Two different kinds of Chardonnay from the Southern California coastal region every month. Chardonnay is seen as a “rite of passage” and an easy entry into the wine world. Made from the green grape, the Chardonnay grape itself is very neutral. A perfect accompaniment to any meal, it has the pleasing sensations of a versatile wine. It is vinified in many different styles, from lean, crisp mineral wines, to wines with tropical fruit flavors and lots of oak. Smooth and often gentle on the palette, it makes a great gift for yourself or anyone else who loves Chardonnay.

Order the toast-worthy Chardonnay Club from Gourmet Food Clubs.

Company: Gourmet Food Clubs
Starting Price: $89.95
Subscription Duration: 3-6 months
Monthly Delivery: 1-2 bottles

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