David’s Cookies Cheesecake of the Month Club Review

Let’s face it: When you have a craving for cheesecake, nothing else will satisfy that craving except cheesecake. Cheesecake has the distinction of being a dessert unlike any other. Nothing else will do when you’re craving the singular texture and flavor of rich, creamy cheesecake. That’s why a gift subscription to David’s Cookies “Cheesecake of the Month Club” is the ideal gift for the cheesecake-lover on your shopping list.

I sampled the Original New York Style Cheesecake. The sweet graham cracker crust was sweet but not too sweet, and had a buttery flavor. The texture was perfect with just the right amount of crumbliness. This classic cheesecake recipe hit the spot. The best thing about it is how easily it freezes. For the next several weeks, whenever someone in the family had the cheesecake craving, it was easy enough to pull a slice from the freezer, let it thaw, and a few hours later—tada! Cheesecake cravings satisfied.

The varieties of cheesecakes that you or your gift recipient will receive is just one more tasty perk of this Club. David’s gourmet cheesecake gifts are available in over a dozen rich and delicious flavors, including:

  • Cookies & Cream
  • No Sugar Added Creamy Dreamy
  • Strawberry
  • Triple Chocolate
  • Chocolate Caramel Pecan
  • Chocolate Marble
  • Cherry

And, David’s Cookies cheesecakes are also OU Kosher Dairy certified.


Cookie of the Month Club Review from David’s Cookies

Is there anything better than receiving a giant tin of cookies in the mail? The freshly baked Cookie of the Month Club from David’s Cookies offers a wide assortment of cookies that will please everyone in your family. The variety of cookies included were:

• Chocolate Chunk
• Peanut Butter
• Oatmeal Raisin
• Macadamia and White Chocolate Chip
• Dried Cherry and White Chocolate Chip
• Double Chocolate Chunk

I received 2 large cookies in each flavor. With so many classic flavors, it was hard to choose a favorite. The Dried Cherry and White Chocolate Chip is a combination that I’ve never seen before, and I think the uniqueness of this flavor profile made this cookie my favorite. Second favorite was the Macadamia and White Chocolate Chip, which had bits of shredded coconut—always a plus! The Chocolate Chunk (not a chip, mind you) and the Double Chocolate Chunk had big fat chunks of chocolate in them. Yummy! The other classic flavors will be enjoyed by all.

These cookies came in a reusable, classic “David’s Cookies” tin. David’s Cookies has been in business since 1979. They guarantee satisfaction on all their products, so rest assured if you don’t like your goodies for any reason, you will either receive a refund or a replacement item. Cookies are a thoughtful gift that everyone will love. Send a Cookie of the Month Club as a birthday gift, Housewarming gift, Thank You gift, Christmas gift, Get Well gift, or as a care package to a college student or summer camper.

Got a diabetic friend or family member? Shopping for a health-conscious recipient who still has a sweet tooth? David’s Cookies offers “no-sugar added” goodies for these individuals. Their products are also Certified kosher dairy OUD.





David’s Cookies Tart Sampler Review

Upon opening the box containing the Tart Sampler from David’s Cookies, something unusual happened: I started talking like a French person! Snippets from high-school French class, long forgotten since then, were suddenly fresh in my memory. “C’ést magnifique,” I exclaimed. I also emitted several “ooh la la’s” which probably aren’t technically French, but seemed appropriate considering how gorgeous the tarts are.

Reminiscent of the goods displayed in a Parisian patisserie window, the Tart Sampler is visually stunning. The tart has two pieces of each of the following flavors:

• Raspberry Almond
• Lemon Flower
• Cabernet Pear
• Chocolate Pecan
• Mango Splash
• Caramel Apple

With such diversity of flavor, there’s bound to be a slice for every dessert-lover; thus this tart is a definite crowd-pleaser! Those who aren’t as adventurous with their taste in dessert can stick to the classic flavors of Caramel Apple and Chocolate Pecan. Those with a more “refined” palate will be pleased by the Cabernet Pear and Raspberry Almond flavors. And fans of fruity, citrus flavors will devour the Mango Splash and Lemon Flower.

Those who love tarts as much for the crust as for the fillings will be delighted by the thick, generous crust. The dense, crumbly crust has a rich, buttery flavor and a wonderful texture. As for the fillings, they were all “délicieux,” which is French for amazingly deliciously wonderfully good.

My favorite was the Chocolate Pecan, since pecan pie is one of my favorite desserts. With a classic pecan pie flavor, chunks of pecan and a thick drizzle of rich chocolate, this is a decadent slice that will satisfy your cravings. The lemon was a close second, and was the favorite of several co-workers. Perfect for those who love a strong, slightly tart lemon flavor, the texture of the filling was very pleasant—not too thick but not too thin, either.

Both the Cabernet Pear and Mango Splash had a light filling. The Cabernet Pear gelée was very light and airy and I could really taste the Cabernet in the topping. The pears were thinly sliced and added nice texture and bite. The Mango Splash was almost like a whipped mousse texture, and the mango flavor really shone through.
The Caramel Apple will appeal to fans of classic apple pie with its thick chunks of ripe apple and cinnamon spice. Raspberry Almond is very similar to tarts that I have eaten in Paris. This French favorite had delicious texture thanks to the slivered almonds, and the raspberry gelée.

If you want a dessert that will definitely impress your family, party guests, co-workers, or whoever else is lucky enough to have this shared with them, this tart is the answer to your pastry prayers. Suitable for an upscale party, engagement, bridal or baby shower, this Tart Sampler from David’s Cookies is well-worth the price.




David’s Cookies Brownie of the Month Club Review

Of all the amazing desserts I’ve had the pleasure of sampling from David’s Cookies, the Chocolate Chip Brownie is my absolute favorite. And I am not normally a brownie fan, so that is a good indication of how delicious this dessert is.

The Chocolate Chip Brownie, featured in David’s Cookies Brownie of the Month Club, is a decadent delight that will satisfy the chocaholic. It has semi-sweet chocolate chips mixed in a dark chocolate batter, a most harmonious combination that will make both semi-sweet and dark chocolate lovers happy. What was most impressive about the brownie was how moist it was. The brownie was so moist and dense that I could lightly squeeze it with my fingers and it would hold its shape. If you’re looking for a crumbly, light brownie, look elsewhere. This is the type of dessert that is meant to satisfy those who love a rich, decadent, moist, chewy, chocolaty dessert.

This brownie screamed out for a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a cold glass of milk to accompany it. It will definitely satisfy chocolate lovers and brownie lovers. It will also turn someone who is just ho-hum about brownies into a brownie fanatic.

The 26 oz. tray will easily serve 8 people. Because this is such a rich, filling dessert, one serving of brownie is more than enough to satisfy your chocolate brownie cravings. This dessert kept very well in the refrigerator for the next several days. I heated an individual serving in the microwave for 15-20 seconds, and it tasted like it had just come out of the oven, freshly baked. The super-moistness of the brownie was still present a week later. Impressive!

The Brownie of the Month Club from David’s Cookies is a great gift to send to a friend, family member or significant other. It’s ideal to send to kids who are away at college, or as a birthday or Christmas present for a loved one. David’s Cookies has been in business since 1979. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their products, so rest assured that if you don’t like any of their products, they will provide you with a refund or re-ship the product.






David’s Brownie of the Month Club

David’s Brownie of the Month Club

Who wouldn’t love to receive fresh baked brownies every month? A Brownie of the Month Club can make that happen! David’s mouthwatering brownies are made with butter, brown sugar, fudge and other wholesome ingredients. These irresistible treats come in gourmet flavors like peppermint, chocolate chip, macaroon and peanut butter and taste homemade!

Choose a 3, 6, 9 or 12 month Brownie of the Month Club subscription. You can send either  one or two brownie trays.

Discover the easiest way to deliver sweet sentiments to family, friends and business associates – a David’s Cookies Brownie of the Month Club gift!

David’s Cheesecake of the Month Club

David’s Cheesecake of the Month Club

The Cheesecake of the Month Club from David’s Cookies is the ultimate gourmet gift for cheesecake fanatics. You receive a monthly delivery of one or two fresh baked cheesecakes. All of these creamy, dreamy desserts are unbelievably rich and delicious and allow you to try a variety of scrumptious flavors such as strawberry, amaretto, triple chocolate and more.

Surprise a family member, friend or business associate with a 3, 6, 9 or 12 month Cheesecake of the Month Club subscription from David’s Cookies. Send a Cheesecake of the Month Club gift to someone special today.

David’s Dessert of the Month Club

David’s Dessert of the Month Club

David’s Dessert of the Month Club is a great choice when you want to impress someone with the a delicious selection of gourmet desserts. In this dessert club, you receive chocolate cakes, cream-filled tarts, brownies and more. Save up to 30% when you choose to have 2 desserts delivered each month.

This makes a great gift for family, friends and corporate clients. They’ll think of you every time they receive one of these delicious food gifts. Or, if you’re a dessert lover, then get a subscription for yourself.

Each Dessert Serves 12-14 people. And you can freeze any leftovers for to enjoy on another day.

Desserts ship out the first non-holiday Tuesday or Wednesday of the month. A gift message is included with the first shipment.

For more information or to purchase, visit www.davidscookies.com

David’s Cookie of the Month Club

David’s Cookie of the Month Club

David’s delicious cookie recipes have won many awards, including the NY Newsday Cookie Award for the “Best Chocolate Chunk Cookie.” Other favorites included in the Cookie of the Month Club include Macadamia Chocolate Chunk Cookie, White Chocolate Cherry, Butterscoth / Coconut / pecan, and Assorted Mini Cookies.

David’s Cookie of the Month Club is a unique gift idea for kids away at school or top corporate clients. Or get a subscription for the home and treat your family to monthly delivery of great gourmet cookies for months!

Order either 1 lb or 2 lbs. With a 12 month membership of the two-pound size, you’ll save almost $70!

Cookies ship out the first non-holiday Tuesday or Wednesday of the month. A gift message is included with the first shipment of cookies.

For more information or to order, visit www.davidscookies.com