Review: Gold Medal Wine Club Gold Series

What Comes in the Box (Gift Version)

Have you ever heard the words “all that is gold does not glitter”? They came from the pen of J.R.R. Tolkien who, despite being an excellent fantasy writer, would have benefited from taking a look at Gold Medal Wine Club’s Gold Series wine of the month club. The reality is that this club is pure gold. For the purpose of this review I sampled the simple 2 bottle club, which usually comes with one red and one white wine. People who are particular about their wine may request all red or all white, but I’ve always been a fan of sampling as much as I can.

Before I talk about my experience I’d like to mention some of Gold Medal Wine Club’s other offerings. While the Gold Series is the most popular membership, Platinum and Diamond levels also exist for those who demand higher rated, more exclusive wines. Two more clubs, the International Series and Pinot Noir Series, also exist. Gold Medal Wine Club guarantees that they never feature bulk wines, private labels, or close outs–and that virtually all of the wines featured have earned top medals from major wine competitions or high ratings from popular publications. You can check all of them out here.

Back to the club: Once you get past the ubiquitous brown shipping box your order arrives in, you’re greeted with some really nice packaging that helps makes the Gold Series shine as a gift. Even though I ordered this for myself, I still felt like being pampered by the beautifully designed gift box, high quality newsletter, and nicely-wrapped wine bottles. It doesn’t look like any expense was spared in making an awesome presentation.

Cutest Wine Labels Ever (And they tasted good too!)

As for the wine itself, I was really excited to see that I had received Anthony Bell’s Big Guy 2010 red and white wines. Besides having one of the cutest wine labels in existence, Anthony Bell is a well-known name and Big Guy is one of his many cool projects. The newsletter that comes included with the club, The Wine Press, was very helpful, and included some food pairing suggestions. Trusting the experts, my significant other and I went off to the market and grabbed some sushi rolls since they were recommended for the Big Guy 2010 White Wine.

The experience was perfect. The white wine was a wonderfully refreshing addition to the sushi rolls, and my own underdeveloped palette was able to pick up notes of pear and lemongrass: something I can rarely do with store bought varieties. My partner is a little more receptive and also picked up on pineapple and grapefruit flavors. While we wined and dined we also got to enjoy flipping through the newsletter and learning more about the wine we were drinking. The Wine Press came with information about the vineyard, the winemaker, and the story of the dog, Ty, whose happy face is pictured on every label and for who the wine is named after.

While it’s easy to make a romantic night out of the shipment, this gift isn’t only for the coupled. It’s jam packed with plenty of information, and the wines stand on their own as superb. Simply opening the package makes for a fun night, although it doesn’t hurt to share it with someone special: be they a friend, family member, pet, or romantic partner. The worst part of the club is that I have to wait until the next month to receive another shipment, but I’m absolutely looking forward to it. Honestly, this club should simply be called GOLD GOLD GOLD. I loved the unboxing experience, the wine I sampled, and the newsletter; and, even better, I still have the red wine to look forward to enjoying. You or your recipient will love the Gold Medal Wine Club Gold Series. As for myself, I give it a gold medal.

Sorry Tolkien, this club makes me a believer that everything gold does glitter.

Gold Medal Wine Club Platinum Series

Gold Medal Wine Club Platinum Series

The Platinum Series by Gold Medal Wine Club offers recipients 2 or 4 bottles of premium, high-rated wines. All of the wines included in this series are rated over 90 (out of 100)  by various magazines and critics. Besides featuring hard to find, hand-selected wines, the occasional pre-release or exclusive is also sent to Platinum Series members. Like all Gold Medal Wine Club subscriptions, each shipment comes with a fun newsletter describing the wine, the winery, and winemaker, among other things. Even better, each wine is beautifully packaged to make sure that the recipient actually enjoys opening the package (gift box optional). Indeed, instead of simply receiving wine, you or your recipient will receive an experience to go along with it. Membership discounts are also given for those who want to purchase a specific wine at the online wine store.

Previous shipments have included notable wines such as: Sodaro Estate’s 2006 Private Reserve Estate Blend, Blackbird Vineyard’s 2009 ‘Arise’ Proprietary Red, and JC Cellars’ 2007 Rockpile ‘Haley’s Reserve’ Syrah. Order today!

Gold Medal Wine Club Gold Series

Gold Medal Wine Club Gold Series

The Gold Series is Gold Medal Wine Club’s most popular subscription option. It features amazing wines from a large variety of family-owned wineries across California. While the club often offers a red and white wine each month, subscribers should know that they may just receive red wines for their monthly shipment every so often. Subscribers do, however, have the opportunity to specify whether they would prefer to only receive white wines or red wines for an additional fee. Previous wines have come from notable wineries such as Trentadue, Castoro, Fritz, and Grandmaster.


  • Subscribers can reorder specific wines at the online Gold Medal Wine Club Wine Store at special discount pricing.
  • Each shipment comes with an 8 page newsletter which includes information about the month’s wine, the history of the featured winery, food pairings, and other fun facts.
  • Subscribers can put their wine knowledge to the test and submit ratings for each month’s wine, making them eligible to win a bonus half-case of wine.

Check out Gold Medal Wine Club’s Gold Series today.

Gold Medal Wine Club Pinot Noir Series

Gold Medal Wine Club Pinot Noir Series

Gold Medal Wine Clubs describes its Pinot Noir Series as “a showcase of captivating World-Class Wines from California and around the world.” Choose between a two bottle or four bottle bi-monthly club, and you or your recipient will receive your preferred number of bottles every other month (February, April, June, August, October, and December). The majority of the wines offered in this club come from the famous wine counties of California: Napa, Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez, Paso Robles, and Sonoma. This being the case, the recipient will get to try some of the best representatives of a true Pinot Noir.