David’s Cookies Tart Sampler Review

Upon opening the box containing the Tart Sampler from David’s Cookies, something unusual happened: I started talking like a French person! Snippets from high-school French class, long forgotten since then, were suddenly fresh in my memory. “C’ést magnifique,” I exclaimed. I also emitted several “ooh la la’s” which probably aren’t technically French, but seemed appropriate considering how gorgeous the tarts are.

Reminiscent of the goods displayed in a Parisian patisserie window, the Tart Sampler is visually stunning. The tart has two pieces of each of the following flavors:

• Raspberry Almond
• Lemon Flower
• Cabernet Pear
• Chocolate Pecan
• Mango Splash
• Caramel Apple

With such diversity of flavor, there’s bound to be a slice for every dessert-lover; thus this tart is a definite crowd-pleaser! Those who aren’t as adventurous with their taste in dessert can stick to the classic flavors of Caramel Apple and Chocolate Pecan. Those with a more “refined” palate will be pleased by the Cabernet Pear and Raspberry Almond flavors. And fans of fruity, citrus flavors will devour the Mango Splash and Lemon Flower.

Those who love tarts as much for the crust as for the fillings will be delighted by the thick, generous crust. The dense, crumbly crust has a rich, buttery flavor and a wonderful texture. As for the fillings, they were all “délicieux,” which is French for amazingly deliciously wonderfully good.

My favorite was the Chocolate Pecan, since pecan pie is one of my favorite desserts. With a classic pecan pie flavor, chunks of pecan and a thick drizzle of rich chocolate, this is a decadent slice that will satisfy your cravings. The lemon was a close second, and was the favorite of several co-workers. Perfect for those who love a strong, slightly tart lemon flavor, the texture of the filling was very pleasant—not too thick but not too thin, either.

Both the Cabernet Pear and Mango Splash had a light filling. The Cabernet Pear gelée was very light and airy and I could really taste the Cabernet in the topping. The pears were thinly sliced and added nice texture and bite. The Mango Splash was almost like a whipped mousse texture, and the mango flavor really shone through.
The Caramel Apple will appeal to fans of classic apple pie with its thick chunks of ripe apple and cinnamon spice. Raspberry Almond is very similar to tarts that I have eaten in Paris. This French favorite had delicious texture thanks to the slivered almonds, and the raspberry gelée.

If you want a dessert that will definitely impress your family, party guests, co-workers, or whoever else is lucky enough to have this shared with them, this tart is the answer to your pastry prayers. Suitable for an upscale party, engagement, bridal or baby shower, this Tart Sampler from David’s Cookies is well-worth the price.




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