Gourmet Tea of the Month Club

Experience white, black, green herbal teas in flavors like vanilla cream, spiced chai, raspberry currant and jasmine citrus. Every month, receive gourmet tea in an elegant, embossed tin. Each tin holds an average of 50 servings.

Only Octavia Teas are used for Tea of the Month Club members. Octavia teas are the fresh, delicious-tasting teas made with all natural and organic ingredients. Their elegant, embossed tins are designed to keep tea fresh & full of flavor. Colorful labels display whimsical works of art, drawing attention to the unique personality of each tea. Tins are also stackable.

This collection combines top-grade teas, herbs, spices, flowers & fruits to create imaginative blends.

For more information or to order, visit the Clubs Galore website.

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