Review: International Wine of the Month Club from Monthly Clubs

MC-wine-review3Monthly Club’s International Wine of the Month Club: Review

Ask an expert. Wine tasting and bad weather are a famously bad blend.

If you’ve cancelled your trip to the vineyard (again), don’t put the cork in your wine plans just yet. Instead, let Monthly Clubs cater an indoor tasting party with their International Wine of the Month Club!

For those who can’t last long long without the comfort of fine-wines, this membership is the solution to the long winter months. And all those other months too. In fact, you might want to just start building a wine-cellar.

The International Wine of the Month Club will send 2 different bottles of wines from the world’s best vineyards to your front door. Pick and choose the club to fit your  taste: 2 reds, 2 whites, or 1 of each.  Then impress friends with your abundant knowledge of elite wine making, regional specialties,  and proper food pairings.  Oh don’t worry. The International Wine Club’s monthly newsletter Cellar Notes will get you up to speed.

January’s Masters Series Wine Club Selection:

The White: Anayón de Corona de MC-wine-review1Aragon Chardonnay 2010 (from Spain)

They say Chardonnay is a good place for wine tasting amateurs to start. Let’s hope they’re right! Since I’m a beginner, I’ll start by just stating the obvious: it’s yellow! Fitting, since I’ve always associated Spain with the color. Might have something to do with saffron.

The Corona de Aragon tasted just as yellow as it looked. Tropical banana, pineapple and passion fruit notes balanced the oaky taste behind this full-bodied wine. The insert said it didn’t need a food pairing, but I’ll admit, I wish I’d had one. If only Cellar Notes’ seafood recommendations could cooMC-wine-review2k themselves.

The Red: Château Sainte-Eulalie Minervois La Livinière La Cantilène 2009 (from France)

This red wine is a completely different story…with a surprise happy ending. Since I’m not a red wine fan I was less inclined to like it. But this bottle of Minervois truly had me at hello. Although, I had to wait about 30 minutes after that initial greeting to try it (this wine is better the longer you let it breath).

The Cantilène is like tasting a dark forbidden fruit. I could practically envision the vineyards full of plump blackberries ripening on the vine. If you’re preparing a menu for your indoor wine tasting, my advice is simple. French wine, french food. Everybody’s happy.

In my opinion, the Masters Series Wine of the Month Club is the greatest thing since sliced bread…which might also pair well with that sultry red wine. What can I say,MC-wine-review4wine makes me hungry.

If you want to learn more or are ready to start a membership, check out Monthly Club’s  International Wine of the Month Club today.

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