Mustard of the Month Club

Every month, get interesting and hard to find mustards from the Mustard of the Month Club. Some notable past selections include Sierra Nevada Stout & Stoneground (Grand Champion), Dulcet Cuisine Madras Curry (Grand Champion), Stone County Specialties Honeycup (Gold ), Brownwood Farms Famous Kream (Gold), Delicae Gourmet Sun-Dried Tomato & Olive (Gold), Gil’s Roasted Garlic Champagne (Gold), Diva Delectables Brash Balsamic Maple (Silver), and Herbal Gatherings South Side (Bronze).

This club is available in two options: one or two different jars each month.

Company: Month Club Store
Starting Price: $44.99
Subscription Duration: 3-12 months
Monthly Delivery: 1 or 2 jars

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