Fresh Cut Flower of the Month Club

Fresh Cut Flower of the Month Club

Send a breathtaking seasonal fresh-cut floral arrangement every month! What better way to brighten her day? You’ll be making an unforgettable impact when you send bouquets offering featured selections like La Reve Oriental Lilies, Julia and Red Sonja Orchids from Thailand, or Sarah Bernhardt Peonies from New Zealand!

The Fresh Cut Flower of the Month Club includes exotic hybrids that are most sought after for both their tremendous beauty and fragrance.

Gourmet Monthly Clubs selects flower varieties that travel well and are known to have long vase lives. And they ship professionally selected bouquets composed of several stems of several different flower species.

For more information or to purchase, visit www.gourmetmonthlyclubs

Flower of the Month Club

Flower of the Month Club

If you or someone you know is captivated by the beauty and fragrance of fresh cut flowers, the Flower of the Month Club from Clubs of America is for you.

Imagine a stunning, themed bouquet arriving on your doorstep each month, bursting with vibrant blooms and filling your home or office with its incredible fragrant medley… a gift such as this would more than brighten a special someone’s day!

What’s Included:
• A fresh, wonderfully fragrant bouquet delivered every month.
Flower club members receive a fresh, professionally designed bouquet direct from the grower each month, themed to the season and newly cut to ensure lasting beauty. Your bouquet is shipped to arrive during the 3rd or 4th week of the month.

• Exotic, hard-to-find varieties.
From lush tropicals to delicate mountain blooms, your flower of the month selections include the finest examples of each variety.

• Every shipment includes a free newsletter and flower food.
Flower Expeditions™, the monthly flower club newsletter, offers a wealth of information about your selections. Also included is a special additive to help your cut flowers maintain their freshness. An optional glass vase is available with your initial shipment.

• No minimums, no restrictions, no surprises.
The Flower of the Month Club membership can run for any length of time you specify. There are no minimum subscription requirements. Flexible delivery and billing options available. Free customizable gift announcement.

• Satisfaction guaranteed
Clubs of America absolutely guarantees your 100% satisfaction.

To learn more or to purchase the Flower of the Month Club, visit the
Clubs of America website.