Review: BBQ Sauce of the Month Club from Gourmet Food Clubs

BBQ Sauce of the Month Club from Gourmet Food Clubs: Reviewgfc-bbq-review2

Fire up the grill and throw on a few extra coals. It’s time to sample some BBQ sauce.

I have what you’d call extreme barbeque stamina. I can grill for hours and never grow bored of burger flipping. When tears well up in my eyes from a cloud of slow-cooked rib smoke, they do not defeat me.  On multiple occasions, I’ve thought about duct taping tongs to my hands. In other words, when you love grilling this much, the more meat & heat, the merrier.

However, not everyone loves barbequing as much as I do. Or has as much free time. I can admit, standing guard over meat until flavor finally decides to seep in is tedious (to say the least). That’s probably why BBQ sauce was invented in the first place. Slather some sweet and spicy sauce on your meat and there’s really no need to cook till you drop. Apply before, after, or as you cook and you can dip, brush, or baste flavor in a flash. Barbeque sauce is the lazy griller’s best friend. Some might call that an easy way out.

This month, Gourmet Food Clubs’ Barbeque Sauce of the Month Club taught me an important lesson about doubting what barbeque sauce can bring to the flavor table. I am slightly ashamed to admit it, but the 2 gourmet sauces I sampled in this 3-Month BBQ Sauce Club had richer, bolder, and more mouth-watering flavor than anything I’ve ever achieved with a spice rub or marinade. I’m surprised to be saying this, but these barbeque sauces are the way to go.

Just don’t forget to buy napkins.

February’s BBQ Sauces of the Month:


Channel Islands Roasted Garlic BBQ Sauce and Honey BBQ Sauce

Thanks to my Italian heritage, I have both respect and high tolerance for the taste of garlic. This worked out well for me with the Channel Islands Roasted Garlic BBQ Sauce, which though not too hot and not too sweet, was very very garlicky.

This sauce packs a punched-up garlic flavor made possible by really fresh ingredients. Basted on a rack of ribs and some boneless chicken breasts, this sauce helped me grub without feeling gluttonous. It’s no where near as heavy and sticky as the sugar-loaded store bought sauces I’ve tried in the past.

Speaking of sugar, the garlic-lover’s sister sauce, Channel Islands Honey BBQ, hit all the right flavor notes for my sweet tooth. I coated a second rack of ribs with this sauce and left them to smoke a while. In the meantime, I checked the label and found this sauce also swaps preservatives for fresh ingredients. Real honey, no corn syrup! Believe me when I tell you in the sweet sauce subcategory, that’s hard to find.

Keeping in mind the health benefits of substituting honey for chemical sweeteners, this sauce is very addictive. You may soon turn up at Gourmet Food Clubs’ “Artisan Gift” section shopping for a few extra bottles. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

When the fire was out, I realized barbeque-made-easy isn’t just for amateurs. While it’s fine to appreciate the art of grilling, becoming a barbeque snob is not. There’s no reason not to use gourmet BBQ sauces like the ones in this club. They are a great contribution to the grill master’s pantry and make a wonderful gift to both barbeque experts and beginners.

To send/receive the BBQ Sauce of the Month Club, sign up at Gourmet Food Clubs.

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