Review: Bloody Mary Mix of the Month Mix from Month Club Store

Month Club Store’s Bloody Mary of the Month Club: Reviewbloody mary Month CLub Store

The Bloody Mary. There’s a few things about the classic tomato cocktail we often take for granted:

1. It’s bartending for dummies! Until you run out of Bloody Mary mix. The original recipe is actually pretty complicated. Into the tomato juice goes vodka, horseradish, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, a handful of other unusual ingredients, all mixed together with a celery stick stirrer. Why not use a spoon? No clue.

2. It’s named after Mary I, Queen of England. Or as she was known for obliterating England’s Protestant population, “Bloody Mary.” Even though the color (and the vodka) are befitting, the Bloody Mary cocktail may not be named for a queen. Some claim it was actually named after a cocktail waitress.

3. This rich cocktail can help your hangover. So that’s why people drink Bloody Marys at brunch. But is this red-hot hangover cure really effective?

Jury’s still out on this one. Chances are, probably not. Yet a lot of college kids would swear the best home-remedy for a hangover is indeed, more alcohol. Controversial? Yes.  But if you look into the science of it, there’s some wisdom in gradually weening yourself of the “juice” rather than stopping cold.

Month Club Store’s Bloody Mary Mix Club is sounding pretty good already, isn’t it?

Even without the hangover (which for your sake, I hope is not what brought you here), Bloody Marys are tasty, fun, and easy when you invest in good Bloody Mary mix. And don’t let the limited grocery store selection fool you. There are tons of Bloody Mary mixes out there to try. To find them, simply open the front door, bend down, and pick up the Month Club Store box.

You may not think you can put away a quart-sized bottle of Bloody Mary mix every month. But who are you kidding? And if you think you’ll get bored of drinking the same thing again and again,  mix it up! Literally, the different mixes provide different flavors, ingredients, and levels of heat and sweetness. That’s enough variety for a 3-month to full-year long membership. Plus, there’s tons of bloody mixed drink suggestions out bloody-mary month club store 2there. Like the Bloody Geisha (made with Sake!)

Of course, it’s perfectly acceptable not to spike your Bloody Mary if you prefer virgin cocktails. But I’ll leave that decision up to you. Aside from telling you sign up for the Bloody Mary of the Month Club one last time, there’s only one thing left to say:


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