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Gourmet Food Club’s Cookies of the Month Club: Reviewcookie

All cookies have 2 sides. A front and a back… or a top and a bottom, depending on how you hold it.  Doesn’t take a baker to tell you that.

Yet when I say there’s two sides to every cookie, that’s not what I mean. I’m trying to warn you that cookies have both a light and a dark side. No, not a light brown and dark brown side. You probably just burned the bottoms. And not a side dipped in chocolate, either. I mean that your sweet cookie pal has a dark streak piercing his soft chewy center. (No, not a streak of fudge! Seriously, just play along for a minute here).

Cookies are made from a recipe that’Cookie of the Month Clubs equal parts good and evil. It’s simple. For every added cookie you eat another notch on your belt begs to be loosened. Of course I’m not counting sugar-free, gluten free, and flavor-free “cookies.” Those stale cookie pucks are pure evil.

Unfortunately, all other delicious cookies are not to be trusted. None of them. Not even the crumbly, soft, crisp, creamy, chocolate-morsel packed, cinnamon-sugar coated, peanut-buttery, fudgy, flaky, and fruity ones in Gourmet Food Club’s Cookie of the Month Club.They are all so good, and all so bad. At least for those of us who care (or pretend to care) about watching our weight.cookie-of-the-month-club

When self control and cookies go head to head, cookies always win. They are world champion diet-defeaters, and for that, I know something truly evil must be mixed into all cookie batter. But then again, knowing this doesn’t prevent me from eating them. And I always enjoy eating cookies. At the end of the day, life should be about what makes you happy. And cookies make everyone happy.

So why not send them as a gift? The Cookie of the Month Club is one of those gifts where a “satisfaction guarantee” is inherent to the concept. You don’t need me to confirm that a 2 pound batch of cookies in new flavors every month makes a person happy. You’ll know it when you see them smiling for the next 3  months. Trust me, with cookie crumbs and milk mustaches smeared along the rim of their mouth, you’ll know the Cookie Club is to blame. Eating this many cookies is messy business. Sending them as a gift? Much simpler.

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