Review: Potato Chip of the Month Club from Month Club Store

Month Club Store’s Potato Chip of the Month Club: ReviewPotato Chip Month Club Store

Put a potato in front of me and if it’s not fried, I could take it or leave it. Mashed, baked, hashed, diced; thank you, but no thank you.

But a potato chip? I’ll snatch that salty sucker up the second it leaves the frier, 2nd-degree burns and all. Clearly, deep-frying is an effective way to make anything instantly irresistible. Okay, perhaps not people. But if you really think about it, don’t most people look better with a tan…?

Anyway, back to that potato.

What is it about potato chips that makes it impossible “to eat just one.” When I tried Month Club Store’s Potato Chip of the Month Club, it occurred to me potato chips have the only snack slogan as true in practice as in theory. If you feel it is my job as the chip club reviewer to tell you why potato chips are so crave-able, I have failed you. I was a little preoccupied sticking my face in the chip-bag to answer that age old question.

So forget the “why,” and let’s all agree to just celebrate our collective love for potato chips. The best way to do this? Better-quality potato chips! That, and a bigger variety of brands and flavors than you can find in any supermarket. Monthly shipments of the Potato Chip Club include 4-5 potato chip bags from a featured regional cookers, not the infamous mega-chip warehouse.Potato Chip month club store 2

I’m sure the crunch on these expert-made potato chips is enough to tempt you. Still, I should mention a bonus feature of this popular club that crisps up every now and again. In the event a specific chip vendor offers more than 5 different flavors, they’ll ship them all to you in smaller size bags. No added cost. So it doesn’t matter what length membership you choose to get or give as a gift (from 3-months to a whole year). You’ll never miss out on any flavors.

Hurry up and sign up to snack-it-up with The Potato Chip of the Month Club from Month Club Store. While it may be hard to save any chips for later, it’s always be easy to open a new bag.

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