Review: Puzzle of the Month Club from Month Club Store

Month Club Store’s Puzzle of the Month Club: Reviewpuzzle-month club store 2

Let me tell you a little known fact about puzzle-lovers.

They don’t all live alone in a house full of cats. Yes, this hobby can accurately be described as “safe,” “methodical,” and at times, “solitary.” Does this mean puzzles belong solely on the wobble-legged card table in Grandma’s game room? No! Though she’s welcome to keep working on that one.

Why must puzzlers suffer these slanderous lies?

Jealousy. Finishing a puzzle requires an amount of skill, time and concentration that most people lack. The more elaborate the puzzle, the more jigsaw-expertise you need. If you’re no good at puzzles, you just need more practice. So don’t tear down hard-working puzzle-lovers because you feel inadequate.

Moving on. Both puzzle-doers and gift shoppers know; trying to find a good-quality, adult-level jigsaw puzzle in the super-store is pointless. All you’ll find there is some lone overpriced puzzle collecting dust on the back shelf. It’s a very puzzling problem.

Don’t give up! Month Club Store‘s top-selling Puzzle of the Month Club will ship a quality 500-1000 piece jigsaw puzzle right to your front door. And then a different one next month. And then another and another until you decide you’ve had enough. Or at least until your hand cramps from handling puzzle pieces.

Sign up for the Puzzle of the Month Club and eliminate the effort normally required to find a jigsaw puzzle you like, that’s challenging enough, and that you’ve never done before. With different puzzles every month guaranteed, that long hunt for the perfect puzzle stops here.

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