Review: Soup of the Month Club

I loved this soup!!! Well, not just the soup, but the whole package. The Soup of the Month Club from Gourmet Station includes soup, baguette, and a cookie. It makes the perfect meal, especially on a chilly day.

The first soup we tried was Italian Wedding Soup (pictured above). Just pour the soup in to a sauce pan to heat it and you are ready to go. There were plenty of meatballs and lots of flavor! This is a soup I don’t usually make for myself, so it was a treat to try something different.

The other soup we sampled was a Tomato Basil soup. Yum yum! Just the right combination of spices. Hearty enough to leave me feeling satisfied, but not too full.

In typical Gourmet Station fashion, everything comes packaged concise, convenient, and beautiful. The soup is easy to prepare from canister to stove top (or microwave – but I prefer stove top).

The bread and cookies come ready to pop in the oven.

Pop the baguette and cookie in the oven for a truly fresh-baked taste. The warm baguette is such a nice, home-y accompaniment to the soup and really makes it a meal. The fresh-baked cookie with its gooey caramel and chocolate topped it off perfectly.

This Soup of the Month Club includes 6 individually-sized servings of soup, 6 baguettes and 6 bake your own gourmet cookies every month. Gift recipients can choose from a menu with lots of selections, including other tempting choices like Lobster Bisque, Ginger Butternut, or Rustic Beef Stew. Available in 3, 6, 9 or 12 month memberships.

To learn more about this Soup of the Month Club, visit the Gourmet Station website.


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