Review: Monthly Smile Maker from Omaha Steaks

The “Monthly Smile Maker” from Omaha Steaks lives up to its namesake, because getting 2 Filet Mignons and 2 Boneless Strips delivered to my door definitely put a huge smile on my face.


A helpful assortment of materials accompanied my steaks. The “Great Gathering Guide and Cookbook” is a 50 page guide on how to cook Omaha Steaks products. It includes recipes, guidelines, basic cooking and grilling tips. There are extensive instructions on every product on how to prepare them, including cooking times, temperatures, even resting times. Also included was a full-color leaflet describing the clubs available at Omaha Steaks. Omaha Steaks have thought of every concern a customer might have. For example, they include a suggestion list of how to re-use and recycle their coolers.


Now, on to the steaks. The Monthly Smile Maker includes two 6 oz Filets and two 11 oz strips! The variety in this sampler makes it perfect for individuals, couples and families. I prefer Filet, and the men that I cooked this for usually prefer Strip steaks, so everyone was happy and “smiles” were plentiful.


After cooking these up on the barbeque, despite our “preferred” favorites, we all agreed that both types of steak were absolutely delicious, and choosing a favorite became impossible. Both steaks were tender, juicy, flavorful and melted in my mouth. These steaks were just as good as the steaks I’ve had at expensive steakhouse restaurants. They were also incredibly easy to prepare and only needed salt and pepper to make the flavor of the meat standout.


Each steak is individually vacuum-packed for those who will only need to cook one steak at a time. A couple can afford to have “Steak Night In” twice a month, and the significant savings compared with going out will definitely put smiles on faces. To make “Steak Night” even more complete, favorite steakhouse appetizers, side dishes and desserts are also available for For example, you can order some crab cakes, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and molten lava cake to accompany the “Monthly Smile Maker” club.


Omaha Steaks has been the leader in producing quality steaks since 1917. Their products have an Unconditional Guarantee. Their extensive selections are not limited to beef as they also have chicken, pork, and fish clubs. Their website has many helpful tips on how to cook their products, a Recipe Center, and a series of “How-To” videos.


With the Monthly Smile Maker, having a “fancy steakhouse dinner” on a regular basis isn’t just a dream, it’s a reality.


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