Salsa of the Month Club

Expand your salsa taste horizons with new and different flavors, like pomegranate and black bean salsa. New England’s crab salsas have a savory note that rings of the sea, while the South takes advantage of its orchards to create a range of sweet, soothing salsas. California puts a fusion twist to salsa, adding olives, raspberries, and mangos. Then you have the traditional Southwestern salsas, including pico di gallo, salsa verde, Oaxaca salsa, smoky chipotle salsa, and too many more to count. What a great way to try out a fun and flavorful food!

Choose either hot or mild salsa. Each shipment contains one 12-16oz jar of salsa.

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Company: iGourmet
Starting Price: $44.99
Subscription Duration: 3-12 months
Monthly Delivery: 1 jar

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