Variety of the Month Club

Customize your own Monthly Gift Club! The Variety of the Month Club from Clubs Galore lets you choose the specific ‘of the month club’ for each month. Send your recipient out to dinner one month, and the next month send them a gift from the gourmet club or maybe a bottle of fine wine. The choice is yours!

Choose from a wide assortment of Gift of the Month Clubs including:
Bath & Body Club, Cake Club, Candle Club, Chocolate Club, Coffee Club, Cookie Club, Dinner Club, Gardener’s Club, Gift Card / Certificate Club, Gourmet Club, Marinade & Sauce Club, Pasta Club, Pie Club, Tea Club, and Wine Club.

Custom Gift of the Month Club packages could look something like this:
Romantic Evenings Every Month = Wine + Candle + Gourmet
Relax Every Month: Tea + Candles + Bath & Body
Fine Things Every Month = Gourmet + Pasta + Gift Card of your choice

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